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Advancing a Cleaner and Brighter Future for all Washingtonians

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Pepco has a variety of initiatives underway to support the District of Columbia's climate change, clean energy goals and resilience goals, focusing on the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions, enabling the deployment of clean energy technologies and advanced energy solutions, and greening local communities.

The District of Columbia launched its Carbon Free DC roadmap, which includes policies and recommended actions for the District to Be Clean, Be Lean and Be Green. Pepco DC has a significant role to play in helping to achieve these goals including through efforts to 1) educate District residents in what they can do to reduce their energy use and help them take action, 2) build out the electric charging network to enable widespread transportation electrification, 3) support community efforts to increase the tree canopy and preserve open space, and 4) enable clean energy technologies for all Washingtonians, including electrified transit, battery storage and community solar, to increase energy affordability, improve local air quality and enhance community resilience.

Pepco is also investing for the future by making the District's infrastructure more resilient to climate change, by modernizing the grid to make it smarter, stronger and cleaner, including through dedicated initiatives such as DC PLUG and Capital Grid, and the newly launched Distribution System Planning process.

Pepco is committed to supporting the District of Columbia's climate, resilience and clean energy goals, making it the greenest, healthiest and most livable city in the United States.

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