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Reducing Our GHG Footprint


As an electricity delivery company that does not generate electricity for sale, Pepco DC's  major sources of GHG emissions – or Scope 1 emissions -- are associated with (1) electricity use in our buildings, (2) SF6 use in electrical equipment, and (3) gasoline, diesel and biofuel used in our vehicle fleet. In 2019, Pepco DC's Scope 1 emissions totaled approximately 18,000 metric tons of CO2-equivalent.

Pepco DC does not own fossil fuel power generation facilities or currently use natural gas in its buildings. The electricity Pepco delivers to its customers complies with the parameters of the District's Standard Offer Service (SOS) requirements; Pepco DC is prohibited from providing any other electricity offering to its customers other that SOS. By 2032, all electricity delivered to Pepco's customers will meet the District's 2032 100% renewable goal; as part of the meeting the RPS, Pepco DC will enter into a contract(s) for the purchase of renewable electricity directly from renewable energy project developers.

To reduce the GHG footprint of the company, Pepco will 1) electrify our fleet, improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, 2) transition to 100% clean end renewable electricity use at our own facilities, 3) reduce the leakage of SF6 associated with operating our energy delivery network, and engage with our employees to encourage better environmental choices.

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