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Empowering Our Customers

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Most adults living in the District of Columbia report that climate change is affecting their community, and they support actions to address the risk. We offer our customers solutions to act on climate change and reduce their energy expenditures at the same time. For example, since 2003, we have facilitated the interconnection of almost 7,700 individual solar installations in the District of Columbia. In total, the Pepco system supports almost 90 megawatts of solar in the District. Pepco supports solar hosting capacity maps on our website as well as an online solar interconnection toolkit and continues to work to improve the solar interconnection process for both homeowners and solar developers.

We also engage with our customers to provide better environmental choices, including through the use of energy efficient products and technologies, electric transportation options and increasing the amount of renewable energy in the electricity that is delivered to customers through Standard Offer Service.

Pepco is committed to offering and expanding climate solutions to enable our customers to meet their greenhouse gas (GHG), affordability and resilience goals.

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