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Pepco Climate Action MD

Powering a Cleaner and Brighter Future for Our Customers and Communities

Learn What Pepco Is Doing to Combat Climate Change and Build Resilience

As a company with significant assets and critical energy infrastructure in Maryland, and as a major employer, Pepco has a responsibility to address our own greenhouse gas footprint while working to provide customers with safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy through innovative and inclusive solutions. We seek to be an essential partner in Maryland’s effort to address the climate crisis and create lasting resilience for all customers. Learn more about our commitment and journey to climate action.

Advancing EVSmart
Enabling Energy Efficiency
Electrifying Our Fleet
Eliminating Energy Waste
Energy Efficient Lighting
Energy Saving Trees
Future of Transportation
Installing Chargers
Local Solar
Reduce SF6 Leak Rate
Enabling Community Solar
Smart Energy Choices
Sustainable Communities
Enabling Employees
Transitioning to Renewable Energy Use
Building a Resilient Future
Readying the Grid
Advanced Energy Solutions
Energizing Student Potential
Providing On-Bill Financing
Partnering on EcoCRED
The WaterShed House
Putting Company Owned Land to Work

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