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EV Load Capacity Map

Pepco supports decarbonization and electrification impacts by providing timely and cost effective connections to the distribution grid for new customer loads and distributed generation.

Pepco anticipates rapid adoption of new electric loads that support decarbonization such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure and converting to electric heat sources. In order to help guide large scale electrification Pepco has developed a load capacity map to represent areas on the distribution grid where there is reasonable capacity to accommodate electric vehicle charging infrastructure and other load sources with lower probability of necessitating extensive equipment upgrades or line extensions that would add cost or time to projects. The map provides different levels of available load capacity on a circuit by color (Green greater than 1 MW, Yellow 0.5 MW to 1 MW, and Red less than 0.5 MW). The map also provides areas that only have single or two phase service available in magenta and would likely require system upgrades for load demands greater than 100kW. For project requiring greater than 4 MW of load demand a new express feeder would be required to service the load. The map linked below shows general areas where load capacity may be coming constrained and could require system upgrade scope to accommodate new load project connections. Click the button below to access a searchable version; type an address into the search box to locate a specific location.

View the EV Load Capacity Map

Current Circuit Map Disclaimer

The technological, legal, and regulatory considerations that apply to interconnection of solar generation and other distributed energy resources are complex and constantly evolving. The map(s) linked above are for illustrative purposes only.  Although Atlantic City Electric, Delmarva Power & Light Company, Potomac Electric Power Company, and their affiliates make good faith efforts to keep online maps current, they cannot guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of the information.  Developers/customers must still apply for, and be granted, approval to install prior to beginning construction/installation of a proposed interconnection project.  Moreover, a location showing available capacity does not guarantee approval.  Furthermore, additional operating requirements or distribution system upgrades could be required, which would be at the developer's and/or customer's expense.  You are encouraged to seek appropriate technical, operational, financial, and legal advice before proceeding.

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