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Frequently Asked Questions

EVsmart Program General Questions

  1. Why is Pepco offering this program?

    In 2019, the District of Columbia passed the CleanEnergy DC Act, establishing goals and timelines for the city to meet renewable energy targets and reduce carbon emissions by 2032. The transportation sector contributes more than 20% of the District’s carbon emissions and transportation electrification is a key component to meet the District’s goals. Pepco’s EVsmart program will support transportation electrification in the District by providing infrastructure to support EV charging and encouraging customers to adopt the EV lifestyle.

  2. How is the EVsmart Program being funded?

    The cost of the EVsmart Program will be recovered through electric service rates in a future regulatory rate review with the District of Columbia Public Service Commission.

EVsmart Residential Plug-In Vehicle Rate (“R-PIV”)

  1. How do I qualify for Pepco’s R-PIV rate plan?

    To qualify for R-PIV, you must be a Pepco residential customer who owns or leases a plug-in vehicle with an electric range greater than 30 miles. Customers with a Net Meter for renewable energy generation are eligible for R-PIV. Master Metered Apartment customers are not eligible for R-PIV.

  2. How does Pepco’s R-PIV plan differ from Pepco’s standard Residential rate plan?

    Pepco’s standard residential rate plan offers the same rate throughout the day for a customer’s home energy usage. Compared to the standard residential plan, R-PIV features lower rates for home energy usage during off-peak hours and higher rates during on-peak hours. EV customers on the R-PIV plan who can shift the majority of their home’s energy consumption (including, but not limited to EV charging) during off-peak hours can see savings in their monthly electricity bills. See Rates & Tariffs for current effective rates to help you choose the rate plan that best fits your needs.

  3. When are on-peak and off-peak hours?

    For R-PIV, on-peak hours are considered 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Your home’s energy usage at all other times will be considered as occurring during off-peak hours.

  4. What is the Plug-In Vehicle Green Rider “PIV-Green”?

    PIV-Green is optional for R-PIV customers to receive 100% renewable energy for their consumption. See Rates & Tariffs for current applicable PIV-Green rates.

  5. How do I apply for Pepco’s R-PIV rate?

    You can apply for the R-PIV rate by reviewing the eligibility requirements and submitting a completed application with proof of registration.

  6. My personal/professional schedule has changed, and I can no longer shift my energy usage to off-peak hours; can I switch back to the standard residential rate?

    Yes. If you wish to return to your original residential rate, email The change will occur during your next billing cycle.

EVsmart Public Charging Make-Ready Program

  1. What is the EVsmart Public Charging Make-Ready Program?

    To accelerate the availability of public charging opportunities in the District of Columbia, Pepco will provide make-ready infrastructure for up to 35 Level II smart chargers and 20 direct current fast chargers. View Program Info (pdf)

  2. How do I qualify for the public charging make-ready program?

    To qualify for the public charging make-ready program, you must be a non-residential customer that will host, own or operate a new electric vehicle charging station available for public use in the District of Columbia.

  3. How do I apply for the public charging make-ready program?

    The application process will occur in 2 stages:

    First, the applicant will submit the required application forms and materials to Pepco for a feasibility review. If necessary, the applicant must secure any easement or agreement with the site owner prior to submitting an application with Pepco. Email to begin the application process.

    Following Pepco’s initial evaluation, applicant will submit required forms to the District’s Public Space Committee, where they will be evaluated by the District Department of Transportation in coordination with Pepco. Applications will be reviewed in pre-scheduled hearings, which will be held approximately 2 months post-submittal. A schedule of hearing and application deadlines can be found here. Permits will be issued to the applicant following approval by the Committee.

  4. How long will Pepco’s engineering design and construction of the make-ready work take?

    The length of time is dependent upon the project’s scope, however Pepco estimates the make-ready work will typically take 6 to 8 months for completion.

Additional Questions

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