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Electric Vehicle Program DC

Whether you’re an electric vehicle (EV) driver or considering buying an EV, Pepco’s EVsmart® program gives you the rebates, tools, and information you need to charge faster, smarter, and more conveniently than ever before.

EV Charger Example

Register Your EV

Do you already own or lease an electric vehicle? Register your vehicle with Pepco so we can better identify the EV products and services our customers need.

Register Your Electric Vehicle

EV Charger

Everything EVs

Electric Vehicle Information, charger

EV Savings & Benefits

Compare the cost of gas-powered versus electric vehicles, review the latest EV brands and models, learn the basics of EV charging, and view federal tax incentives.

EV Savings & Benefits

Residential Electric Vehicle Rebate

Whole House Time-of-Use Rate

If you’re a Pepco residential customer and drive an EV, you may be eligible for Pepco’s Whole House Time-of-Use Rate. By shifting your home’s energy usage (including EV charging) to off-peak hours, you can take advantage of lower rates and save money on your electric bills.

Residential Time-of-Use Rate

Public Charger Program

Public Charging gives EV drivers the flexibility and peace of mind to drive farther with greater access to a robust network of EV charging stations. Pepco’s Public Charger program offers incentives for installing public access EV charging stations in the District of Columbia.

Public Charger Program

Public Charging Network

Taxi RideShare Program

To support the clean energy goals and electric transportation options for District of Columbia communities, Pepco’s Taxi RideShare program offers incentives to commercial real estate owners and EV station manufacturers. See how you can support “For Hire Vehicles” by installing EV charging stations and take advantage of this incentive.

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EV Educational Resources

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Find EVs & PHEVs

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EV Charger Finder

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Other District Incentives

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Exelon EV Roadmap

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