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Electric Vehicle Program MD

​​Plug-in Vehicle Offering

Open to qualified residential Maryland customers

This offering is entirely voluntary and is open to all qualified Pepco residential customers in Maryland with a plug-in vehicle. To participate, your vehicle must be registered in Maryland.

If so, you may select the following option:

  • A whole house time-of-use rate (Pepco SOS customers only): This plan applies to your entire house, including your vehicle. If you choose to shift your home energy use to off-peak hours (after 8 p.m.), you may achieve additional savings.

Program Benefits

We created the Demand Management Pilot Program for Plug-In Vehicle Charging to encourage customers in Maryland who own plug-in vehicles to take advantage of off-peak charging. Now that the Pilot Program has concluded, Pepco has requested that the R-PIV tariff offering be continued going forward. By shifting some of the demand for electricity from peak to off-peak hours, customers may:

  • Save money – The cost of electricity is lower during off-peak hours, and there are 16 off-peak hours per day (Monday–Friday), plus all day Saturday and Sunday

  • Lighten the load – Charging during off-peak hours puts less strain on the electric grid and helps improve the reliability of your service

  • Breathe easier – Reduce emissions generated by mobile sources

  • Make a difference – Choose to charge your vehicle using renewable energy for an even greater impact

To apply please click here.
For additional questions contact us at​

Frequently Asked Questions 

Plug-in Vehicle Offering

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about the offering.​

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