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Multifamily Property Rebate Program

We are not accepting any new applications for the Pepco Maryland Multifamily Property Rebate Program at this time. New applications could possibly be considered in the future, so check back with us periodically.

Install an EV Charger and Add Value to Your Community

The number of electric vehicle (EV) drivers is growing and 75% of all EVs are charged at home. This means more tenants will start requesting EV charging as an amenity. Pepco’s EVsmart Program helps you get ahead of the curve by guiding you through the process of installing qualified electric vehicle chargers at your property—an investment that benefits you and your residents. For more information please see our Multifamily Program Fact Sheet.

Why Add a Charger to Your Multifamily Property?

  • Increase your property value and amenity offerings
  • Make your property more attractive to your tenants
  • Create a more sustainable, eco-friendly environment and an up-to-date living experience
  • Contribute progress toward Maryland’s air quality

Multifamily Property (or Multi dwelling unit) is defined as a residential building with more than 3 units of housing contained within one building.  Examples of multifamily properties are apartment buildings and condominiums.

To help multifamily property owners and condo associations become EV friendly, Pepco will rebate 100% of the cost of eligible Level 2 charging equipment and 100% of the installation costs up to $15,000 per charging station (limit of 2 charging stations).*

*Rebates are limited and available while supplies last. This offer only applies for up to two charging stations per multifamily location.

You may also receive additional savings on charging equipment and installation through state and federal rebates and incentives. For more information, visit the DOE website or MEA website.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to receive incentives through the EVsmart Program:

  • You must be an active Pepco electric customer on Schedule GS, MGT LV II, MGT LV III, MGT 3A II, MGT 3A III, GT, and NEM
  • You must be a multifamily unit as defined above
  • Purchases and installations of eligible Level 2 charger must be after July 1, 2019
  • You must provide the following materials to receive your rebate: completed rebate form, dated copy of sales receipt or invoice with EV charger model number(s), dated copy of installation invoice, and photo of installed chargers serial number(s), proof of licensed inspection
  • The rebate application must be submitted within 30 days of successful installation if installed by your own electrician
  • You will be required to give Pepco the charging data and the price (structure as well as cost) charges
  • You must purchase a 5 year cloud plan.

Two Ways to Participate

There are two paths to participate in Pepco’s EVsmart Multifamily Property Rebate Program.

  1. Coordinate with Pepco to install your charger or
  2. Install on your own and apply for the Rebate!

Coordinate with Pepco to Install Your Charger

  1. Apply to Participate

    Applications must be received and approved prior to charger purchase and installation.

    Submit an application (per property location) to participate and, if applicable, the Property Rebate Reassignment Form.

    Once your application is received, Pepco will perform a Property Assessment to ensure eligibility for qualified multifamily properties (condominiums, apartments with garage parking) and property owners/HOAs. If you are approved, you will receive an estimate of the equipment and installation costs, after the rebate.

  2. Install

    ​After you are approved to participate, Pepco will coordinate the purchase and installation of the eligible Level 2 charger.

    Pepco will rebate 100% of the cost of eligible Level 2 charging equipment and 100% of the installation costs up to $15,000 per charging station (limit of 2 charging stations).* You are responsible to the remainder of the costs not covered from the rebate.

    *Rebates are limited and available while supplies last. This offer only applies for up to two charger installations.

Install on Your Own and Apply for Your Rebate

  1. Purchase the Charging Station

    Select and purchase a charging station from the list of approved chargers.

  2. Install

    ​Obtain jurisdictional permits and have a certified master electrician perform your installation. Obtain your inspection and provide Pepco with a picture of the inspection.

  3. Apply for the Rebate

    ​Within 30 days of your installation, submit the rebate application form and the following documents:

    • Proof of approved inspection from your local jurisdiction
    • Dated copy of charger sales receipt/invoice
    • Dated copy of installation invoice from your licensed electrician
  4. Receive Your Rebate

    ​​Your rebate will arrive by mail within 4-6 weeks once your application has been submitted, received, and approved.

For a list of qualified Level 2 chargers, click here.


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