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Public Charger Program Requirements

Program Requirements

  • Applicants must qualify for program participation as a non-residential customer.
  • Qualified applicants include parties who own, operate, or lease a commercial space for public parking or parties who own and operate an EV charging station.
  • The hosting site for the electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) must provide long-dwell parking available for public use.
  • The party responsible for installing, operating, and/or maintaining the EVSE should be licensed by the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to work in the District of Columbia.
  • Interested participants should submit one application per site to provide an opportunity for participation to a range of customers and locations around the District of Columbia.
  • Applicants with multiple requests can select which application Pepco will review first.
  • Prior to construction, the applicant must provide proof of purchase for qualified EVSE.
  • Additional requirements may apply, see application for details.

Application Requirements

  • If applicant is a charging station vendor, they must secure all required easements and agreements with the site owner prior to applying to Pepco. Public Right-of-Way installations can skip this step.
  • Applicant submissions will include structural drawings for EVSE facilities that meet Pepco's standards.
  • Prior to approving applications, Pepco will perform a feasibility review to confirm project viability.
  • Applications for Public Right-of-Way sites must also be submitted to the District's Public Space Committee for review, approval, and issuance of any necessary permits (see below). Pepco recommends waiting for our application to move forward before submitting applications to the Public Space Committee.

Installation Requirements

  • Pepco's Public Charger program will accommodate a maximum of 5 Level II or 4 DCFC per location.
  • EV charging stations must be smart/networked (i.e., capable of sending and receiving communications via wi-fi or cellular network).
  • Applicants have the option of providing service capacity from their own switchgear, at the same voltage and current as Pepco.
  • Applicants must provide space for the commercial meter pedestal (if required) and any other equipment that must be installed.
  • Any contractor hired by Pepco to perform make-ready installations must be licensed to operate in the District of Columbia.

Public Space Committee (PSC) Process – Public Right-of-Way Sites Only.

Installations in Public Right-of-Way locations require additional applications and approvals from the PSC as follows:

  • Applications must be submitted to the District's Public Space Committee where they will be evaluated by the District Department of Transportation in coordination with Pepco.
    Download District Applications
  • Applications are reviewed in pre-scheduled hearings approximately two months post-submittal. Once approved by the Committee, permits will be issued to the applicant within five days.
    Understand the Process
  • The applicant is responsible for submitting applications to the Public Space Committee and any associated fees.

Pepco Engineering Design

  • Engineering and Design Process: As part of the deployment process, Pepco will go through a process that includes Preliminary Engineering, Field Investigation, Final Engineering, Estimating, and Final Assembly of Construction Package. This process typically takes two to four months. Pepco will also review designs proposed by the customer.
  • Pepco Permitting and Infrastructure Development: Upon successful completion of the Engineering and Design process, Pepco will secure any required permits that are required to supply power to the site. This does not include any permitting required for the charger installation.
  • Pre-Construction Review: Once the previous steps are completed, Pepco will conduct a job site inspection to confirm all assumptions prior to construction.

Construction of Make-Ready Infrastructure

Pepco will coordinate all required construction activities and prepare the site to be energized.

  • Pepco will inform applicant when EVSE installation can begin.
  • Pepco installs meter for new service, if applicable.

Items Excluded from Pepco's Public Charger Rebate Program

  • Level 2 and/or DCFC, charging station installation, connection, testing and commissioning
  • Concrete pedestals or bases
  • Parking signs, striping and/or barriers
  • Landscaping
  • Traffic control plans
  • Extensive system upgrades
  • Costs in excess of program budget

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