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Residential Charger Rebate

Through Pepco’s EVsmart Program, you may be eligible for a $50 annual incentive when you install a qualified Level 2 smart charger for your home and share your charging data with Pepco.. Upgrading to a Level 2 smart charger allows you to charge your electric vehicle faster and may include an optional Wi-Fi app to control your settings and save money.

Any Pepco customer who lives in a single-family home (either attached or detached) with secure home Wi-Fi (hotspots not sufficient) is eligible to participate. Customers must agree to share charging data with Pepco. Rebates are limited and are available while supplies last.

How to Participate

  1. Purchase a qualifying charger from the retailer of your choice and have installed at your home.

    • Eligible chargers include: ChargePoint, Electrify America, Enel X and Siemens. There are also many EV manufacturers that offer advanced vehicle telematics and qualify for incentives with an approved software integration connection. Review EV manufacturers eligibility details.

      ManufacturerModel #
      Electrify AmericaHomeStation
      Enel XJuiceBox 32
      Enel XJuiceBox 40
      Enel XJuiceBox 48
      SiemensVersiCharge IEC
      Various EVs available Multiple manufacturer options

    • Level 2 smart chargers require installation of a 240-volt outlet. It is recommended that you hire a qualified electrician who is familiar with EV charging equipment. Installation charges will vary but can range from $200 to $1,000.*

  2. Apply for the annual incentive. After successful installation, fill out the online application below and submit by email to

    Before you can apply for your EVsmart incentive, Pepco must verify that your EV charger is connected to Wi-Fi and your EV energy usage data is visible. In some cases, customers may require a Wi-Fi extender to increase the range of their Wi-Fi signal to reach their garage or other location of their EV charger.

    New Application

    *Note: if you are applying through an eligible EV manufacturer, you must first create an evPulse Account prior to submitting your application.
    Click here to create your evPulse account.

  3. Share your charging data and save. Annual incentives will be issued each December through 2023**.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Limit of one $50 gift card per household annually.
  • Only chargers listed in the chart above are eligible for the annual incentive.

Pepco must be able to confirm that the charger or vehicle is connected and transmitting data. Eligible EV manufacturers must first register through evPulse before applying for an incentive.




**Until the end of 2023. Customers who apply after October 2022 will receive an incentive for the following year.

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