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Residential Time-of-Use Rate

Did you know that understanding the time of day you choose to charge your electric vehicle (EV) can affect your electric bill?

As a Pepco residential customer, you may be eligible for the Whole House Time-of-Use Rate (R-PIV).

With the Whole House Time-of-Use Rate, residential customers with an EV charger can save money when charging during off-peak hours, when electricity prices are lower.

For example, if you typically charge your EV during mornings, evenings or overnight*, the Whole House Time-of-Use Rate could save you money. However, if you typically have higher-than-average household energy use during the day or are unable to shift your primary electricity usage at home to off-peak hours then the Whole House Time-of-Use Rate may not work for you.

*Customers with third-party suppliers are ineligible for this rate. Net energy metering customers are eligible for this rate in the District of Columbia.
†Peak hours are Monday–Friday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., excluding holidays. Off-peak hours are all other times.

Estimate Your Savings

Pepco offers residential customers two rates:

Standard Offer Service Rate

As the default rate for Pepco residential customers, this rate is the same no matter the time of day.

Whole House Time-of-Use Rate (R-PIV)

Offered to residential customers with an EV capable of traveling 30 miles using electricity as fuel, without the use of gas. The Whole House Time-of-Use Rate is lower than the Standard rate during off-peak hours while slightly higher during peak hours. With this rate, a customer’s entire home qualifies for savings and a smart meter keeps track of your electricity usage allowing you to adjust habits and lower your energy bill further. 

Understanding when you plan to use electricity in your home and charge your EV will help determine which rate plan is right for you. To view your historic daily usage visit My Account.

Pepco Electric Rate Schedules/Effective Nov. 1, 2022.

​Generation Service Charge
​Standard Residential Winter
Nov 22 - May 23
​Whole House TOU Winter
Nov 22 - May 23

​Peak kWh Charge

​Off-peak kWh Charge


Program Requirements:

  • Applicants must qualify for program participation as a Pepco residential customer in the District of Columbia only.
  • Qualified applicants must own or lease an electric vehicle registered within the District of Columbia.
  • Applicants must live in a single-family dwelling with access to a personal EV charger

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