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Program Overview

For over a Century, energy has always generated at large central plants, often at a considerable distance from the customer. Advances in solar technology has made community solar projects financially feasible and gives customers innovative and affordable options to meet their changing needs.

The Community Renewable Energy Facility program provides Pepco customers in the District of Columbia an opportunity to receive renewable energy benefits. The Community Renewable Energy Act of 2013 (CREA) became law on December 13, 2013.

The Four Participants in the Program Are:

  1. Community Renewable Energy Facility: Generates electricity using renewable sources.
  2. Subscriber Organization: Provides to Pepco's customers in D.C. shares in, or subscriptions to, the electricity produced by a CREF.
  3. Subscribers: Pepco customers within D.C. who have contracted with a Subscriber Organization for shares in, or subscriptions to, the electricity generated by a CREF.
  4. Pepco: Manages the interconnection of the DC CREF into the grid and processes subscription requests via the Community Solar Portal.
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