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Solar Incentives & Rebates

​There are many opportunities to help you offset the out-of-pocket costs to install a solar generating system. One of the best ways to understand costs and incentives is to use a tool to help you calculate your solar potential. Pepco's solar calculator helps you assess your rooftop solar potential by combining your historical usage data with solar data in your area to provide a personalized evaluation for your property, including any incentives and credits.

Solar Credits & Tax Credits

Federal and state incentives are offered to Pepco customers who choose to go solar. To learn about any incentives you may qualify for, launch our solar calculator.

Solar Renewable Energy Credit

Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), also called alternative energy credits in Maryland, may help customers finance and invest in a solar system. SRECs are created for each 1,000 kWh of electricity produced by a qualified alternative energy source.

The value of SRECs is measured in $/MWh (1MWh = 1,000 kWh). SREC prices fluctuate in value. Because they are bought and sold on an open market, several factors influence their price. The most important thing to know is that SREC prices are determined by supply and demand.

Find more information about Solar Renewable Energy Credits at or

Federal Income Tax Credit

Taxpayers can claim a Federal Income Tax Credit (FITC) of 22% for qualified expenditures on a solar system that provides electricity to their residence (owned and lived in by the taxpayer). For more information, visit

For a personalized assessment of the credits and rebates you may qualify for, launch our solar calculator.

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