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Mount Vernon Connected Community


Pepco, with community outreach support from the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), is helping deliver on the District's vision for an inclusive clean energy future that leverages innovation, creates connections, and advances new and emerging technologies. Input from community residents and stakeholders, will create, design, and implement a Connected Community Roadmap for Mount Vernon and surrounding Shaw, Northwest One, and NoMa neighborhoods.

DOEE and Pepco held stakeholder and community workshops to receive input and help generate ideas. Customers and residents received information about these events through mailers, flyers and other methods.

Community Benefits:

  1. Provide safe, clean, and reliable electricity  
  2. Enhance grid infrastructure resilience 
  3. Increase sustainability through energy efficiency 
  4. Promote equity, public health, environmental stewardship, and green job creation 
  5. Support the District of Columbia's clean energy goals and help mitigate the impacts of climate change through the use of non-wires solutions, such as:
    • Battery storage
    • Solar photovoltaic arrays
    • Energy efficiency measures
    • Wi-fi kiosks and other technologies

Non-wires solutions are technologies that are not traditionally used to address electricity transmission and distribution needs. These solutions include solar panels, battery storage, and energy-efficiency measures. Using these and other technologies helps to manage energy use and defer the need for traditional utility equipment upgrades.

Additional Background

Pepco is constructing a new electric substation to support the growing energy needs of the Mount Vernon community. This new substation will include three transformers and Pepco is working with DOEE and the local community on an innovative approach to identify non-wires solutions that can defer installing a fourth transformer at the substation. 

What is a substation?

Substations house transformers to convert electricity that is moving from the generation source to the customer's home or business into a safe and usable voltage. This allows for minimal energy loss and safe distribution through neighborhoods.

What is a transformer?

Transformers are central to delivering electricity safely to homes and businesses and can be found on electric poles, on the underground electric system, and in substations. Transformers reduce the voltage of electricity so that power can be delivered safely to homes and businesses.

What does the battery do for the substation?

Batteries improve the capacity of the electric system and defer traditional substation upgrades needed to manage an increase in energy demand within a small area. Batteries provide system relief in a safe and cost-effective manner and allow the electric system planners to determine any additional system needs. Pepco and its sister utilities have been successful in deploying battery storage systems in other parts of their service areas.

Based on the project timeline, Pepco's new Mount Vernon substation is scheduled to be in service by 2023 to serve existing and future energy needs in the Mount Vernon, Shaw, Northwest One, and NoMa neighborhoods.

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