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Income Eligible Multifamily Program

​Pepco DC Income Eligible Multifamily Program

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Save Money. Increase Your Property Value.

Lower Your Residents' Energy Bills.

Through Pepco’s Income Eligible Multifamily Program, qualifying properties can receive an energy assessment, energy-saving products installed throughout common areas and residents’ units, and recommendations for energy-efficient building upgrades – at no additional cost.

Your dedicated Client Solutions Specialist will provide:

  • An on-site energy assessment
  • A detailed report, including recommendations and estimated savings
  • Help with creating bid documents and specifications
  • Advice on financing options
  • Help to identify and leverage additional utility incentives
  • Assistance with benchmarking in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager for BEPS

How the Program Works

multfamily 1.png Step 1: Verify your multifamily property's eligibility by completing the inquiry form above or by calling 844.713.9451. If your property is eligible, we'll schedule your energy assessment.

Step 2: On the day of the appointment, a Client Solutions Specialist will evaluate your property's lighting, HVAC, appliances, insulation, windows, and more – then provide an energy assessment that includes opportunities to reduce utility bills and maintenance costs.

Step 3: Based on your assessment and other program factors, your building may qualify for additional energy-saving upgrades, which your Client Solutions Specialist will schedule with you.

Click here to see how one property saved energy and money by participating in this program.

Pepco DC Income Eligible Multifamily Program Eligibility

Multifamily Property Managers, You Have the Power to Save!

Your existing multifamily building must include three or more units with Pepco electric service, and your residents must meet one of the following income requirements:

  • Participation in a federal, state, or local subsidized housing program.
  • Proof of majority of tenant income levels at or below 80% of area median income (AMI)
  • Proof of rent being less than 80% of avg. rent in Washington, D.C.


Q: Why should I participate?

It's easy. You'll have a single point of contact to help you through the process.

It makes financial sense. By participating, you can:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve your profitability
  • Lower your energy bills
  • Enhance property value

We provide incentives and resources for financing.

  • Pepco DC Income Eligible multifamily incentives
  • Additional incentives and rebates, including gas and water utility rebates
  • Fannie, Freddie, and Federal Housing Administration green lending incentives
  • Energy efficiency tax credits and deductions
  • Low-cost financing from various sources

Better living environment. Increased comfort, health, and safety for tenants creates lower turnover and higher occupancy.

Q: How much will my incentive be?

Customer incentives are based on property type and electric energy savings up to a percentage of total project costs. The incentive is based on amount of energy savings. The higher the savings, the greater the incentive. The Client Solution Specialist will recommend upgrades which will achieve the highest savings based on your building’s needs.

Q: When can I apply for this program?
You can apply when:

  • You want to evaluate the benefits of energy efficiency upgrades for your multifamily property and would like help in determining if this program is right for you; or
  • You have determined the energy efficiency upgrades you want to install at your property and are ready to move forward.

In either case, the program administrator will confirm your eligibility to participate in this program and then schedule a site visit to qualify the energy efficiency upgrades and determine the incentives.

Q: What is the process to receive an incentive? What is required for participation?

  1. Before you install energy efficiency products at your property, please email or call our program administrator at or 1-844-713-9451 to request an energy assessment.
  2. We conduct an on-site energy assessment and provide a report that confirms your incentive amount.
  3. You implement your project.
  4. We provide a post-installation inspection.
  5. You get your incentive. (unless you’ve chosen to reduce the project cost by the incentive amount, then the implementer will collect the incentive)

You have the option to have our program administrator manage your entire project, including permitting, installation and financing.

Q: When will I receive my incentive?
You get the incentive within 45 days of project completion and receipt of required documentation. Alternatively, you have the option to reduce the total cost of the project by the incentive amount, in which case a third-party addendum will be required to allow the incentive to be paid to the program implementer.

Q: What organization is administering this program?
The International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology, or ICAST, is a nonprofit organization that administers the multifamily program in Washington DC.  

The program administrator can coordinate your project from beginning to end, including scheduling the energy audit and post-installation inspections.

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