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Peak Energy Savings Credit

Saving is Easy this Summer

What are Peak Savings Days?

Peak Savings Days are a few days each summer when demand for energy is highest, typically occurring for a few hours between noon and 8:00 p.m. You can earn bill credits by using less energy during those peak hours. Learn more on Peak Energy Savings Credit.

We'll notify you the night before a Peak Savings Day by phone with specific hours to save energy. You can also choose to be notified by email, text, or an alternative phone number. To set your preferences, log into My Account or call 1-855-730-PEAK (7325).

Following a Peak Savings Day, you can view your credit online. Your credit will also appear on your next bill. Receive a notification that tells you how much you saved and how your savings compare to others by visiting, signing in to My Account and going to the My Alerts and Notifications page.

Five Ways to Save

During the summer months, the less energy you use means the more money you could save on your electric bill. These tips and tricks will help you save energy and money: 

  • Reduce your A/C use, even just a few degrees makes a difference
  • Fire up the outdoor grill, instead of cooking inside
  • Save high energy chores, like laundry and dishes, for later in the day
  • Unplug appliances and electronics, if you're not using them
  • Close the shades, or blinds, to help keep your house cool​

For more tips to help you save energy and money, visit our Home Energy Saving Tips​ page or view our Helpful Ways to Save​ brochure. You can also view more savings tips on The Source.

Get Automatic Savings

Save even more with Energy Wise Rewards™ by making your savings automatic. Sign up and get your choice of a FREE smart thermostat or an outdoor switch installed at no charge - plus you'll get a one-time credit at the time of installation. Sign up for Energy Wise Rewards™ here.

If you are enrolled in Energy Wise Rewards, you will receive the greater of the Energy Wise Rewards monthly credit or the Peak Energy Savings credit.

You can view your savings credits online or on your next bill. And if you want to learn more about our energy savings programs, visit

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