Starting Service

How Do I Start Electric Service?

You may request electric service by either completing and submitting the form below, calling us at (202) 833-7500, or by visiting one of our Customer Service Centers. We accept more than one individual customer name on the electric service account, and all individuals who apply for service will have their names listed as customers of record.

Am I Required To Pay A Security Deposit To Start My Account?

Under most circumstances, a residential applicant for service is not required to pay a security deposit in order to establish an electric service account. A security deposit will only be requested for the following reasons:

  • You owe an outstanding bill for a prior service
  • Your electric service has been disconnected
  • You have a history of delinquent payments
  • If there has been interference with electric service

If A Deposit Is Required, How Much Will It Be?

If a deposit is required, it will be a minimum of $5.00, but cannot exceed the lesser of $100.00 or twice the estimated maximum monthly bill in the last twelve months. Deposits of $35.00 or more may also be paid in three equal monthly installments.

When Will The Deposit Be Returned To Me?

We will promptly refund any deposit - including accrued interest - in excess of unpaid bills - when service is discontinued, or after 12 months of satisfactory payment history, whichever comes first.

Will My Deposit Earn Interest?

All deposits earn simple interest at a rate that changes January 15th of each year, based on the average one year Treasury bill rate for the months of September, October and November of the previous year.

How far in advance of my move-in date can I apply for service?

We can only accept applications for service up to thirty days in advance.

Please allow up to 3 business days to process your request, excluding weekends and holidays.

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